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Love it. The voice acting and lip-syncing was on-point, which made up for the more simple (but still, very smooth) animation. Definitely going to share this one with people I know!

It's ok I guess...

It is good for a first video. However, the main weakness is that is is extremely short. I guess that a flash like this doesn't need to be long, and it was a funny puchline. I encourage you to keep trying!

NGReviewEater responds:

Fair enough; thanks for the review.


Now that I look at it, yeah it is INDEED very short...

Not very good.

Of course the concept is funny and the animation okay, the reason I'm rating this low is because of it's length. Maybe, you could do a compilation of shorts, which will greatly increase your chances of passing.

Also, this is not suitable for everyone, it should be rated "teen" for mild text.

Tailselric responds:

lol ok ill keep that in mind :D i was going to add more but i want to see if people would like this and im not to good with botten and other things yet XD

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Frustrating, but in a good way. What sets this game apart is the humor. I loved hearing each new instance of the ghost's teasing and the overlord's responses. It was also the perfect length for what it was- not too long, not too short. Time to enjoy some pizza while wearing some shiny gold armor!

Has the main character considered looking at the train schedule?

Presentation was good, controls for the text were simple and intuitive. But given that the central point of the game is its message, I would have expected the allegory to be a bit stronger. But hey, it didn't take up too much of my time. No harm, no foul.

I can tell you're a big AOE2 fan. I'll admit I didn't give this game much time, but a couple suggestions that would have improved the game:
- Prevent workers from building on top of mineral deposits and units
- Allow players to set gather points for their buildings, and to queue up multiple units
- Unit variety: Since you're an AOE fan, I'm sure you could have borrowed the rock-paper-scissors design of infantry-cavalry-archers
- Map variety: Making some unpassable obstacles would make make the game more interesting and also let you practice programming AI pathfinding

Best of luck in your future games!

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So happy!

I cannot discribe how cool this is. I feel like I'm bouncing from one cloud to the next!

PaulyBFromDa303 responds:

Yeah, that tends to happen. Especially in Sky Chase XD

Has a mysterious feeling.

I like the beat. It feels that I'm on a space planet. Good work!

Pretty Good. The tails doll wants to see you now.

Great work! I liked the strings and the beeps. Though I miss the vocals (only a bit) this is very good! I would like to see more Can You Feel The Sunshine remixes in the audio portal.

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Very Creepy!

Nice job! The dark, evil eyes compliment the creepy red pupils! It looks like it could chase you with those long legs or grab you (if it had fingers) with those arms!
I don't believe in the curse, but it's fun to scare little kids with!

Nice Job!

This looks really good! I loke the shading you used. I look forward to more of your artwork!

Sethdd responds:

thanks! yea im still working on submitting the rest of my artwork =D

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